Arctic driving


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    Place yourself in an upgraded Polestar 2 and take on a frozen lake ice track, designed to maximise the Polestar thrill, together with Polestar test-drive engineers.  

    North of the Arctic Circle in Lapland, Sweden, lies Jokkmokk. A quiet town surrounded by snow-covered forests and frozen lakes; it’s the perfect destination for an exclusive winter adventure. Here, you’ll get to experience guided Arctic driving, future cars, special edition ride-alongs, a thrilling snowmobile ride, a chance to see the northern lights, and more. 


    A weekend in Jokkmokk (Friday – Sunday)


    – The event will be conducted in English

    Participants must be a minimum of 21 years old 

    A driving licence is needed for attendance, and must be recognised as valid in Sweden

     - No prior experience is required, the event is open to Polestar enthusiasts of all skill levels

     Arctic driving and beyond 

    – Spend an action-packed day at the ice track  

    – Experience future cars and special edition ride-alongs with Polestar test-drive engineers

    – Go for a thrilling snowmobile ride

    – And if in luck, witness the famous northern lights  


    – Round-trip transportation is provided between the airport in Luleå/Kallax (LLA) and the hotel in Jokkmokk . There will be two transfer options on Friday: one at 12:00 and the other at 15:00. It is not recommended to arrive later than 15:00. On Sunday, there will be two transfer options as well: one after breakfast with an airport arrival around 10:30, and the other after lunch with an airport arrival around 15:00.

    Additional transport throughout the event

    Two nights’ accommodation with breakfast at ‘Hotel Akerlund’

    –  Lunch and coffee breaks throughout the event

    –  Two dinner experiences

    –  Arctic driving with Polestar test-drive engineers

    –  A snowmobile ride

     - Future cars and special edition ride-alongs 

    –  A chance to witness the northern lights


    – Flights to and from Luleå/Kallax airport (LLA)

    Additional overnight stays before and after the event 


    For assistance related to the Arctic driving, please contact Polestar support

    Terms and conditions 

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    2024.02.23 – 2024.02.25, 2024.03.01 – 2024.03.03
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