Makka Polestar edition by CAKE

Polestar / CAKE

No emissions, no time stuck in traffic. Park your Polestar at the city border and switch to the fully electric Makka Polestar edition by CAKE moped for your city commute.


  • Description
    Bye-bye, rush hour. The Makka Polestar edition by CAKE is a lightweight, durable, and fully electric moped. It has a top speed of 28 mph and two separate ride modes for extended range or balanced performance. The Polestar edition of the Makka in matte Snow brings our pure and progressive design with slim headlights and Öhlins dampers, making this two-wheeler a great addition to your Polestar in both aesthetics and function. Together with our friends at CAKE, we aim to make urban transportation more flexible and sustainable. Park your car at the city border, then continue to cruise emissions-free through the streets on the Makka.
  • Additional information
    • Capacity: 31Ah / 1.5kWh
    • Top speed: 28 mph
    • Range: 31 miles Mixed city riding (WMTC-II)
    • Power: 3.6kw
    • Torque: 60Nm
    • Wheelbase: 1210 mm
    • Seatheight: 790 mm, adjustable
    • Fork angle: 25⁰
    • Trail: 78.1 mm
    • Offset: 21.7 mm
    • Removable battery
    • Regenerates electricity when braking
  • The CAKE Makka Polestar edition is sold and delivered by CAKE. Click the button to be redirected to their website.